Its been such a long time that I have been willing to write but why it seems so difficult to just write? I have pick my pen for countless time but then writing that first word is so difficult that I just close my diary. Hmm there are thousands of thing that I want to write but same word won’t roll in the paper as they do in my head. Why is it so difficult?

We all see those  highly rated writings be its on newspaper column, books or in blogs  where words are placed perfect and they seem to  be in constant flow.They make happy reading!!!! and I get amazed by  how all  such writers  become  able to make such tuning with words? Same words have different meaning in their dictionary unlike in our case where words struggle to even pop-out.

Well I think a lot many times to give it a try… to write, Write anything. I can simply word my imagination..but no it does not seem  that simple for me. May be it is the problem of many beginners who wish to write like me.

But then I question myself why do I want to write ? Do I want to impress people?? NO because I never want anyone to read my things. Is it because I want a place in my creative friend circle? Or simply because I have a greed of  being a WRITER!!

Well I don’t think I want to write because of these reasons. It just I want to word my experiences , want to play with words.

Often I have meet  people who write and write beautifully but never write with intension of anything more than just for their interest, hobby., desire, relief, satisfaction..(Satisfaction, one big word in itself)…. In my case I  love reading and reading books. Why??I don’t know but I know how it started…the long sleepless nights and lonely days had no  excuse except..books…to get lost in those beautiful fairy my childhood days. The interest develop that way and now the thinking of writing have occur to me not because I have any intention of being  a writer but simply because to enjoy the words, the joy of words, magic of words.

And guess for doing that I don’t have to know all beautiful phrases, big words and etc…  I can just enjoy writing simply by writing what is in my head/heart. For that I can start writing just like anything and of course not with the feeling that I am building something but just trying to write…