Being lazy


Winter sun so warm on my window, no kitchen duties, neighbors on their balcony and strangers on road.  A  lazy afternoon like always but I don’t think I can hate it… After all, I escape my duties for this lazy nap. Sunbathing, food and tasty gossip (I can hear), who could ask for more.

Its been two days, I am in ill health and so I am off my duties, home and work. I am not liking being sick ( Obviously) but in some way  thankful  for I can stay free in my head,  no work, no calculation, no formality. And the best part,  I can sleep, whole night, whole day… the pills do magic bringing all the sleep back, that I might have lost: sometimes working, sometimes studying, sometimes thinking.

My usual routine is : I wake up pretty late in the morning, go for a walk, get back and carry on with what comes for the day. I am one who takes life the way it comes, but love some twisting at times. Most often I am home, doing nothing  but everything possible through my sluggish attempt. For now, I am resting and not wasting time, thats  my least to fool myself with an excuse of  poor health.

I have bunch of work waiting, but until I am not back to fine, it can wait one more delay, and  I can go lazy for one more day….. 🙂 🙂 🙂




I kept waiting, staring the sky
Didn’t find you there
I realize
Dreams come late in night
In open mind under close eyes.


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In front of me,

The dense bush

I can see.

Grown full and free

A twig then is now a tree,

Narrow frame of my old window

can’t limit  it now,

as it has spread out,

up  to sky so high,

yet bend in gesture

yet so shy

The bamboo  grass near my house is grown up now,

So am I.

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