Winter sun so warm on my window, no kitchen duties, neighbors on their balcony and strangers on road.  A  lazy afternoon like always but I don’t think I can hate it… After all, I escape my duties for this lazy nap. Sunbathing, food and tasty gossip (I can hear), who could ask for more.

Its been two days, I am in ill health and so I am off my duties, home and work. I am not liking being sick ( Obviously) but in some way  thankful  for I can stay free in my head,  no work, no calculation, no formality. And the best part,  I can sleep, whole night, whole day… the pills do magic bringing all the sleep back, that I might have lost: sometimes working, sometimes studying, sometimes thinking.

My usual routine is : I wake up pretty late in the morning, go for a walk, get back and carry on with what comes for the day. I am one who takes life the way it comes, but love some twisting at times. Most often I am home, doing nothing  but everything possible through my sluggish attempt. For now, I am resting and not wasting time, thats  my least to fool myself with an excuse of  poor health.

I have bunch of work waiting, but until I am not back to fine, it can wait one more delay, and  I can go lazy for one more day….. 🙂 🙂 🙂