The dog was barking, annoyingly.  My cousin went to free the dog from its chain, up in the balcony.  Soon after, I heard my cousin’s voice, yelling my name. I had to go upstairs to the balcony leaving the “bhogate” to turn sour in the sun.

There in the balcony, my cousin was trying to catch a pigeon. “What happen?  God..Why are you chasing the poor bird?”

“Hya..No. I think the dog has wounded the bird. May be it tried to pick the rice grains from his plate.” My cousin said trying to catch the bird.

Oh..I also moved near to the bird, it shifted from the corner again. But then it got struck in the balcony wall and I caught it. There was no blood, or wound. I told my cousin so, and she came nearby.

I tried to lift its wings to see if they were broken or to say find some disability syndrome.

The bird seemed fine externally. But it was not being able to fly. I left it on the balcony floor, it tried to run to the edge and work its wings. But it would fell on the floor instead. A couple of attempt, it still could not fly.

I again tried to see if there was anything wrong in its wings. I had studied about “Pigeon” in my college, a complete chapter about flight mechanism, flight muscles, organs and systems of pigeon. Here, a year after, I doubted if I even know this creature at all.

My cousin and I, both didn’t have any idea. The pigeon was trying to fly but would fell down, hit its body in the concrete floor, would regain its balance and would attempt again. We only pitied at the bird.

The bird feet was lingering, seemed weak and the way it ran and struck here and there, I thought it was a blind bird. But if it was, how it flew down to our balcony? How did it survive till date then? What might have happen to the bird that must have been flying a while earlier and now struggling to fly?  Is it paralysis syndrome, do birds have paralysis? I couldn’t help not thinking, so did my cousin.

What if it couldn’t fly at all? What if it’s family was waiting?

A bird that couldn’t fly.  What a cruelty the bird was bearing, how helplessly we were standing, waiting it to get the aerial motion back, as if it had lost it for some time, as if it had forgotten the technique or so to say lost the magic.

The dog was barking still, my cousin tried to stop, it did not. We took the bird to the next corner of the balcony away from the dog’s sight.

The bird by this time was weak; its feet were losing grip making it fall down to the floor. I took it in my hand. My cousin brought some water and we kept some drop of water in its beak. The beak was wet but we didn’t know if any drop spread inside the body or not.

The bird was too impatient, the way it moved its head and crawl its feet made us think as if it was in severe stage of strange pain. It would run towards shade, would fell again and once caught in my hand stay calm and again flip its wings. The process continued. I caught it again to drop some water. I dropped water in its beak  and right then I noticed the nictitating membrane covering the pigeon’s eyes slowly and the head jerked in motion. Right then the dog came running and barking and jumped at me aiming the bird. I accidently dropped the motionless bird in floor. The bird fell in the floor, but it already had died in my hand a second ago. I was in micro second shock; did it die in my hand? I picked the bird in my hand, it was still and the head was in same position, eyes covered by white membrane and body motionless. But amazingly the somewhat stretched wings slowly wrapped around, in the dead body.

The dog stopped barking.

The wings relaxed, the bird inside the pigeon fly, leaving the body in my hand. Yes, after such hard attempts, the bird finally fly.

We kept the dead bird in the old parrot cage we had and wait for our aunt to come for we didn’t know what to do with it. Going downstairs, I wished if it would come in my dream that night to explain what had happen to it. It didn’t came, for it died in my hand.