If shortcut is my escape
The shop is 5 minutes far
I don’t want but I have to pass,
No not the full blossom plum tree,
But the forbidden path,
Where stand the “argued” tree
the same naked tree,
In which, now white flowers are all I can see,
Cruel winter that had shed the last leaf,
Now its spring that heals the deciduous tree
Tiny flowers, barely leaving any branch,
White is all the color it need, it has.
Wind pluck the petals…leave to the narrow lane.
My feet ..ahh I am welcome in the forbidden land.
Your petals, I try not to step in,
And I won’t pick the future fruit.
We are not allowed, the kids of “not talking” neighbors,
Who grew together.
Playing hide and seek (from our parents however)
Around the same plum tree,
making garlands of clover flower,
That was fun remember!!!
Sneaking through the same ground…years after
I try to hide,
From the rival eyes.
The enmity our grandfathers had…still do…
If only they can see… plum blossom wining the chill,
It didn’t die, stand youthful still,
If only they can feel,
Years after the fight,
We are still part of our ground….
I reach the shop….
O…Just passing by thoughts.