I came across this song (video) in youtube and I am still listening to this soothing voice. Its late,  yet I am awake. This song is holding me and for strange reason I am wishing for a rainfall in this  March midnight. This song is taking me there, in imagination,  where I am standing near the window, staring the rain. I don’t know if I am Missing  Dear ones, Lost ones or Desire ones but I am longing for unknown…
Strange I know but you can’t help thoughts, can you?
I am soaked up in the song, in depth…
I am letting myself ramble within the melody, Memory.

Mora Piya Moh Se Bole Na
This very popular song is originally sang by SHAFQAT AMANAT ALI  but I don’t know why this voice is doing magic on me. Little kid Moon, a Pakistani singer….I am speechless, wordless…for this Sufi retreat).