Early morning, I heard
Cuckoo singing and
Soon roar a whistling wind, rain drops more loud.
I cuddled up in bed.
waking up next minute,
the leaves were glowing green,
in the golden rays ,
raindrops pearled,
in the clover again,
poor orange buds,
fell in the mud,
with fragrance still alive in the air,
sweet breeze
blew my frizzy hair,
making them tangle,
in my face,
I wished a lover’s eye when
splashing the water in my face,
I felt the spring,  in  heart.
ever young!!!
And again,
Cuckoo coos “Kafal Pakyo
And again I  write ,
yeah about the same breeze, clover,
spring and flower,
but Don’t blame me,
please ,
for I can’t help…they pose pretty,
and  bribe me…
the same clover patches and same plum trees,
amusement I can’t hide.

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