The accidental luck
to get stuck,
in the jamm when we drove
in the thimi chowk,
that seem chaos,
with chorus so loud,
orangey dust or sindhur that they call,
happen to colour all,
and to precise, when
they put a tika on me,
I blend in,
In the jatra
and Suddenly,
Saturday was not Silent anymore.
when phone rang with brother,
yelling demanding the “chayauu
we got stuck in jamm dai…..”kya jauu“.
the shopkeeper was generous to discount on every item,
and so was the traffic dai,,
They or I??? me (whatever)…
hangover guys…
no,  not drunk, but must be that turbid water that went down…(unaware of course)
but all okez, coz it was “jatra” in thimi ko town.