Bitter reality

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I cuddle in,

in thoughts.

memories, sweet and sour,

drafted from how long,

and tonight,

unlocking the jewel box

treasure with emotion,

I found out those triggers,

that I underestimated,


and now,

realizing  the reality,

all I can do is

sleep with thoughts.

while they rejuvenate in



When in two sides

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To reach you,

I try to bridge

river banks.

I realize,


they define.

My words,

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they rhyme together,


They don’t talk.

Writing and typing


Write write,

And what do I write?

Anything, everything,

But they need words, every thought

And why one word has multiple meaning,

Or is it your understanding

Then it doesn’t solve, the one word to one thought equation,

But still I don’t know how

Or may be will never learn

To limit thoughts to words

And should I mention, I am bilingual, (if it matters)

I think in one language,

I write in else,

Translation comes in between,

Interpretation again

Differ the meaning,

Like here,

And then,

Is it my excuse, or do I make any sense?

No, Then not my fault, again.


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