We imagine. There is a world inside our head that we create,  we enrich and we choose.  That imaginary world, where we relive as different us, but as us. We are creator of our own world, imaginary of course but imagination is a strength in itself, that power to change mundane to magic.

Writing a play as an assignment I created characters today, written characters. The characters are not real.  Imaginary folks, imaginary incidents and imaginary world, all jump in my paper, and live in wordy world. Creating each character was a challenge which I felt. Precisely I find it hard to be unbias to each character. Writing  from “their” point of view was difficult. I realize how much we judge the world on our perspective through lens of prejudice, often.  How we centralize things on self with or without weighing the context, we, you , I . and we never know how  to put “oneself” to “their-self” .  We can relate with them, if emotion coincide, but still standing in their shoe is different thing.

And if this world is a stage where such chosen character act  per the scene, I wonder how difficult it might be for the creator. But when I try to agree on the point that I am also one of  the character, I wonder what is the future of this character. What is there in the script?

whatever it is , I am thankful to the creator/director/writer for giving me/us freedom to make our own world.

Indeed IMAGINATION is big word/world.