My play writing process.

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The thing is;

there is nothing to write when there is too much to say. As of now, there is not much to say, not much to write, but too many old topics inside my head, rather footling option but despite their unproductive outcomes, lately I have realized that I had almost forgotten about  those old ToDo topics.

One of it is the Play writing, I mentioned it  in one old post. Yes, after that assignment,  I was  superbly excited  and  geared up to try play writing. I did try writing two plays, very short, then just some days ago I remember that I had left those writing unfinished. Of course, I couldn’t decide the end, same thing  “their point of view” “my point of view” got stuck on that.

But let me share you an incident or should I say a coincidence about that play writing. It is ridiculous but it had some impact on settling down my excitment. Still it is ridiculous.

Well at first I picked one typical village story, rather a context without any discrete incident graph. I just started conversation and let it decide the story flow. I tried identifying  each real character of my community in the play (which help a lot in writing dialogues in natural form, even predicting  character’s next action,  But still concluding is difficult part). Nevertheless, I could not complete that play as it didn’t sort out to a conclusion, It  just became a prolonged conversation.

And That is why its  difficult in play writing I guess , at least for me as you can’t narrate a story, you have to converse everything, even the silence should be reflected ( my experiences tell so, Consider I am naive, still).  So,  I left it somewhere in middle and start a new one. Very typical regular story, something people will write as an assignment.  Girl, broken family, and friend. Girl and broken family is best I can identify myself with  and that  is my ease point to emotional start on  any writing form. Quite loaded I tell you.

I did complete the play, synopsis and submitted it. And you know what, it was  just for submission, not for any analytic response, no, it was just an assignment.

Anyway some 2 weeks after that,  I had a dream….  A noble looking English man was there in somewhere like a  classroom. He was checking white sheets and talking with some young people and by my assumption he was a professional literary one, and his eyes were directed towards me clearly stating a surprise on my presence there. He was holding my play, showing such plain expression as if I did a blunder of even attempting it.

 Next morning, when I checked  the newspaper, still smiling over the dream, my eyes fell in bold black letters “A Radio play writing competition” organized by British council. I could only smile about the whole play writing whim I had for over a month and when there came an  encouraging opportunity, I had English man in my dream, hinting the outcome already.

You know, after that day, I have not write any play line. Well, I was occupied in something else, but I agree, the dreamy incident had some influence too. But, now I am willing to work on a new play topic. Hope I will have some encouraging dream.



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