I got a call after almost two year from my earlier employer today. I never expected it actually. I was  requested to drop in the office if possible and so I did .

There I saw that tiny room office  had develop to a new one, big one. There were new faces and new room (not cubicles).

I hear from my boss that they have gone international and are collaborating with big organization. As an NGO, the organization is rooting deep in its core issues and most of its’ work are being well appreciated in national levels. I really felt happy that the org has develop so well and I was once part of it but more than that what satisfy me was the response I got from the Boss. He and another Madam (A very strict and that means really really strict) thought that I was among very few employee that they felt as second generation of themselves and would want to have me involve in their upcoming projects. (huge ones..:P)

I had only worked with the organization for 2 months as an intern but I had done quite a bulk of work there. After 2 months they hadn’t offer me the job as a full time employee then even tough I had applied soon after my internship termination. And they say today it was only because they had no enough job for me then.

I felt really happy that I had been in  choice list of one among the most inspirational activist that I have known so far. The Madam over there is a big social activist in her native land and is a very professional personality. To earn the accountability and belief of her meant  a lot and a lot for me and moreover what make me really really satisfied was the sense of admiration she did for the kind of human being I was.

She is not a  friendly personality, not welcoming too, very work oriented, mission oriented, never buttery and very strict. Wining her belief, it felt like I earn something, something we all wish to earn from our jobs…

(Did it sound like a Brag, let me even if does..:) )