Just a Thought

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And because it is just a thought, I want to stare star lying in the green ground with :/ If given a choice, 

Adrien Brody or Matthew Goode ?



Things I want to say

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so today… eh…tonight when i am actually here to write, i don’t want to write 3 lines stanza  because i think i need to write something readable..and something is again too many things for which obviously i don’t have  many words to write…but still let me pour some of my recent  woes here.

1. This wordpress place doesn’t  looks like place for woes…i mean if i checked back my old posts.  i have updated this blog with “I thought they are poem” thing..not much of my woes..or confession as i may say.. (Blogspot is private…:P  )

2. I think I  lack the ability to write…precisely to write about how i feel…and using this  word “precisely”   I think I am making it sounds like a formal writing..precisely because precise is a formal word, specified word..it doesn’t suit here if i am supposed to rant. (Rants are not precised are they?)

3.  I have been annoyed with so many reasons lately and people have less to do with it..reasons  because they are reasons..you can’t ask “why” to reasons and if you do those reasons don’t have any reasons for being  reason. (Confusing, I know. )

4. I don’t have any plans and it freaks me out to not have any plan ( F-U-T-U-R-E)

5. I am so cross with my friends, I don’t wanna say I miss them but i do and i like sulking to get their attention but its been too long now and i am tired of sulking..(haven’t they noticed :(..)

6. I don’t like momo. Don’t shoot me for this S and N because  I don’t like the way it smells..the hot vapors from the (hurriedly) semi steamed dumplings. I love samosa better ( if i have to compare).

7. I hurt my leg wearing ill fitting shoes again because I could not resist not wearing it and then not buying it and then not walking in it. I will never wear that thing again but I have paid good amount for it and now I can’t  even return it.  Who made heels? Why?

And I don’t know how to end things as well. :/


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Up in the sky,

i saw a giant shape and then it was floating boat

They called it clouds,

I think it was cotton balls.




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Limit  is

where only birds can  fly

Deep, dense is the sky.


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