It feels like i have lost connection with words lately..I write banal and they don’t resonate with what I feel. It feels like  my feeling loses their abstract when i try transforming them to words. In written form, my thoughts seem lifeless.

In my mind, its a different case, I rhyme poetry.. it is the evening settings that make this sky one nostalgic land…but I fail every time  i try writing about it..I can’t describe why that orange and red hue are painted in the purple plain, painting imagination…why those clouds are floating feather light,. I fail to write why and why it is only the evening  sky that drive me to escape from myself.. I feel like the sky is sea deep but then I don’t know how deep can be a sea, i have not seen any sea..but when i look into the sky..i feel like it is that unseen  sea…its enormous and stretched..vacant and depth..its endless of blue, and only blue.

and so is me..I am vacant and deep, my void is not explored by self.and i have felt  seldom far from the reality whenever i have tried. But the thing here is  my incompetence to expression, when it comes to translating my mental wave to wordy signals. I am hooked and held by  surroundings and changes that act on me..I feel strongly affected and there is urge to define it, describe it but i can’t keep talking inside,  within me. Then, when i try conversing or converting the abstract to  word, it seems overheard,over talked and over rated.

Words are overrated!