Every spring fills me with hope but as my feelings remain already  forlorn seeing those wrecked peach and plums trees, I doubted my gist of hopes.

All winter the sight from my window, (yeah the same narrow window) keeps me lingering into the hope that spring will heal these lifeless trees with love and life but I find it hard seeing them standing despondent in the winter days, as if all that they had has been bitterly torn and left out. But they do relive one morning when there will be no frost. They get endowed with the beauty and no part of them gets uncovered by the feathery white petals. May be this is natures’ law may be this is hope but is such life?

Will life ever  be beautiful after losing what it had; do we get such fair chances as like the plum trees? We don’t know if there will be any spring to our winter. We don’t know if life will be  story of good times and bad times. I see people and families living the bad phase always, always living a hard life and I feel despondent if life will ever turn out like that of  deciduous.

The hard winter always ends with spring, it must be grace or just a phase, as I tend to embrace the warmth that I waited all foggy morning, I get scorched by the sun, heat too intense that I hate it, not knowing what was worst the coldness or the sun, I don’t know why we run after shade when there is sun and why towards sun when there is shade, but such is life!