Most nights, I used to stare the sky from my narrow window. The sight used to be enticing with all stars seemingly alive in the spatial. The entire sky with glittery stars would lift me from within to reach there. The stars would shine to hope and I used to feel lighted up with the feeling; that the night is not at all scary; that the world is safe guarded with star-angels. The sight would transcend me to faith and belief. Staring the sky, I used to believe that someday I would finish all the “living” duties and transcend to where I belong which would be where stars live! The night sky would make me feel indifferent about my life mess and tragedy and adjustment.

These days when I stare the night sky, I don’t feel the same. Those stars seem guest. I feel neither safe nor connected. I can stare and stare waiting to get those feelings back but the only feeling I find is aloof! And what saddens me is the feeling that keeps me saying the stars are no more yours!, as if they have stop caring for me? Have they, why?

As it seems the place is taken,

In the up-world,

I am forgotten!