usual would be my word to answer “wadd up” pings, but there are unusuals amidst the mundane, like how I have grown so  greedy of  having flowers plants in my mini yard that I try collecting them from anywhere possible, and today i could not help not picking a rose stem out from a trash can while waiting for a friend.  I was near a gift shop,  where I notice leftovers of flowers in the trash can. So unlikely of me, I went ahead and pick the stem and put it in my bag. And I didn’t think once of what all the other waiting pool would think of me,

so unusual of me.

when my friend came, I told her about the rose stem, and she said it was ok, that even her sister sometimes bring bouquets leftovers home.

hmm ok then.

We went to a meeting,   and there the person didn’t care to  notice me, more like intentionally avoid me, let alone to acknowledge my effort. I find it humiliating since it was me to initiate our work relation! It was unusual, never have I been received with such coldness!

Weird people, weird ethics (work i mean)!

I was gulping humiliation back home and my friend craved for butter naan and so we ended up in a dhaba.  unlike young boys or lads, there was a old woman serving us, . Woman in her 60s, she was there not knowing quite well to take orders or to pass the plates. unusual and sad.

but the shop owner there didn’t yell at her, instead help her out and asked her to take tea, nice unusually though.

Back home I walked in the chilly breezy evening  quite a usual thing, yet it felt unusual in the wet shoes.