as i use this word here, i am bound to it and in this adverse of time, i want to stick to it for nothing but with the instinct which is making me more determined to the circumstances. while most time i stay complaining it being unfair and sulking from life , today and these days, all that is going around make me more sure of what i stand for and what i believe.

Most time i feel that I am fooling myself with positivism or patience when i fail to raise a voice or speak for the injustice that happens everyday, but i believe silence is not weakness. Patience is not  waiting, rather continuing even after knowing things might not be as per desired.I tremble inside to know  that things will not sort out, i know it will go worse and i and my loved ones will suffer more, i hate it but then i know the suffering will demand answer someday and time will have to answer!

its our society where voices more loud will be eared but people fail to see beyond the words. There are people who manipulate the truths, cry the crocodiles and feed on to pity, They cultivate falseness and themselves believe their fallacies but time will come, what cultivated will grow but it ripens to what has been sowed not desired!

I no longer pray to god to be fair to us, nor to be on our side, only i reckon is to the fact that the good heart is not to be mingled into evil thoughts, purity and truth compliments each other and truth speak for itself and believing into it is giving the inner peace of perseverance.

i remember an example put by my  teacher in a chemistry class ” among  gold and bronze , bronze try to shine sharp while gold remains inert  despite it is buried in dust or merged with unuseful stones. Bronze is an alloy so it reacts easy because it has so many other elements that can’t stay inert, gold on the other hand is pure so it is hard to make it react with other chemicals.  and same is with human , people those are bronze shine sharp and intense and society mislead to conclude them as gold, while true people like gold even if buried in layers of dust and adversity,  remains in their pure state because its their nature. Bronze kind can’t stay not reacting and thus they loses their fake identity in the test time, while gold never have to prove anyone anything. Over the time the luster of falseness recede while the true gold remains as it is, it doesn’t shine , nor does it fade away!