As it marks a third year with wordpress, today I am thinking of all the transformation that   wordpress had brought along in me,

I signed up for wordpress without even knowing to use it proper. lets say not knowing anything about it but I was excited to have a blog, my blog. initially, I just tried to play a little with pages and themes,  but  before i could even post anything in my newly signed wordpress page, i got a job which required me to use wordpress, a lot. and i see it now as wordpress had just been waiting for the day when I signed up and there was so much  waiting for me already.

And indeed, It had , 2 months and I was already using 4-5 wordpress UID via my job and I was using it, exploring it but rarely personalizing it. I had big insecurity as a blogger which have not at all improved still now, but back then, I manged to follow some interesting blogs which motivated me to write and learn more and better.

Three years have passed and I am glad that i am continuing here, but with each post i have wrote here, I have transformed to a mature version of me, all that feelings that I am pouring here are extract of my feelings, some that resonates my heart aloud, some that talks my mind and some that paint my thoughts.

This is the place where, i feel this obligation to be honest, creeping out of my hesitant hood, and say it aloud without a darn care of who is my possible viewer.

I like it here , and since  wordpress is wishing me the three years of togetherness today, i would like to share, that I like this companionship with my words here, words which reconnects me to myself, and renders the hope of nothing but a story that my life will write for itself, here or may be elsewhere but still all that i have started here will always remain the never forgetting motivation.