That big tree


does it desire to uproot and whirl in the air,

feather light?

or content in being what it is in the river side.


Importance of weeds

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Today, after the period of sickness that have literally cocooned me in bed, I felt much energized to enjoy the sun in my front yard. While doing so, I noticed the wonderful little Godawari flower buds  have finally revealed their yellowish color and were looking amazing the bright sun. But I also found that some weeds have taken over the newly planted flower species in my mini yard (its not a garden to name it so). The weeds made it look messy and uncared. I went ahead and uprooted some of them, till I noticed some twigs of rose growing fresh amidst the bushy grasses. I had planted these rose branches months ago but they had turned dry and black and soon were dying. I had not even remembered them as it was same case always, all the rose species turn black and die in my garden every time. But this time, in shade of the weeds, these branches have struggled to rejuvenate with ultra delicate red leave buds growing from their nodes. It must be the weeds that have guarded these plants from the scorching sun and rain drops and it must be the same weeds that have moistened the growing ground.  It must also be the same weeds that could have snatch the warmth and care of the rose buds, and grew as big bush. But then it must be within the rose to rise above the adverse and survive from whatever possibilities the weeds allowed. It could be anything, but for me,  it was realization that weeds are equally important to let prettiness noticed in the ground.

And how well it goes same with our life, we take negativity and adversity a complete hinder to our growth and happiness. But without these unwanted weeds that life offers, we would have never understood the importance of hindrances in our path to development. There are weeds kind people everywhere, and we must have been weed to others but these weeds are there to serve a purpose.  As in normal cases, we could fail to rise from the hindering crowd of people, causes, situation and anything life puts ahead. But these weeds of all kind also help us in our senses to use patience and strength.

The virtue lies in persistence in adverse of time, that is how we win over the challenges, it can be only hindrances the weed offer, but it is on us to rise from it, then only we can realize the essence of a flower, of being a flower.

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