Its evening time, 5:32 pm exact. I am here in the comfy bed of mines’ that is just in right position to view the evening sun from the big window pane, only that there is no evening sun today, its one of those rainy gloomy days that don’t clue whether its midday or evening. Usually the view is of the sky in vivid hues, beneath lying the disproportion of hills top with a slanting road just in between, in around the seemingly improper cuboids scattering in the terrains and trees and other green details; all of these shaping irregularities to define not so appealing landscape.

But in days like today, the view is grey. Wet trees and branches standing persistent, pestering the hollow of turbid sky and the rubble walls of once happy homes in mourn,. The sticks like branches in the canvas looking sky is intriguing but not aesthetic …or may be as an art but how I comprehend it with a mind of its own cradle? with thoughts incomplete like these bare sticks occupying  in the unfathomable.. broken homes and its reminiscence.. what is the lacking what is this void so deep… is it this void that I am to understand? Is that what I am searching for; since everything I do or deviate there is this ultimate despondency that don’t fill up, not with the monetary joys.

And staring this grey sky… it only daunts me more,  this turbidity around is suffocation of time, latent beneath the thick layers is the sun! and here my thoughts don’t lead to conclusion, but only drift away in cloud motion, rootless, shapeless, carrying; sometimes the nuisances of reality and many times the glee like my own smile..but then imagination is illusion…there is no comfort that last. I have found no solace in imagining and so I hold back in evenings like this in such grey sky, where life howls in anguish… I wish to be into respite of absolute silence but there too, in the lull of mental piazza, I have agitated from staying stationary, without moving without flying in my piece of cloud only that in days like todays’, evenings like such there are no drifting clouds, but are only laden with clouds, motionless clouds in grey.