when I have expected out of you, you have from me, I from others and others from others we are doomed to our expectation of being principled by own kinds.

The facets of integrity, honesty, reliability, truthfulness all allies character to define a person only it gets so ordinarily defied by human instinct in situation multifaceted.  I convince myself that if I was in the situation I would do differently until when I am may be I don’t. May be I am defied by selfish motives of my own but well I still think you can find integrity on me. but i am not sure about myself…like my hopes of finding things that I lost, a new pair of shoe in festival market, cellphones, purse, wallets and countless other things, no body return me those things, they were just meant to be lost. I will never know who picked it or let it lay unnoticed..Part of me had expected integrity from unknowns but  gave up hopes so convincingly later because that’s how rare it has become.

My parents, siblings, partner, friends, acquaintance, neighbors and people, I would expect kind of integrity from them to serve its relation to me and same goes the other way but  it is so tacit with no sworn to hold us and once you are betrayed there is no courtroom codes to it, only laments of values.

But while I am writing this, I am also alleged of not serving integrity. I who dishearten him, He who dishearten me, , they who surprised me, those who were surprised, in this rope ring in tug, of claiming parts and claiming integrity, we keep failing in expectation, still holding on it.