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where I find in disguise and in nude

Where I am sagging skin in slouching thoughts,

And tender tickle in ecstasy

I am inched high in vicious intention,

And bowing eternal in gratitude,

I am blushing,

I am gazing,

Sometimes with lovers’ eye

Or many times a pity why,

Standing staring,

I try seeking the truth

of the figure in shape

But it just a silhouette,
I see,
that seems like

Someone I know,

Someone I used to know.




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I have become empty. I have been choking as if the world has drift away from me and doing fine, completely fine without me in it. I cry hard enough to wake up in puffy eyes, why?

Not to one reason or any, Its like emptiness, of lethargy.

I think tearing is the right word for this. Like I have come to this date pulling a same strength and now it is tearing like the old piece of cloth. It is weak and tender and tear in every pull, so more I need it, more it gets teared up.

And I mourn for it. For myself of how I have become, so unwilling to see whats ahead, not because I have become a depressive cynical Psyche but I have become unwilling mouth to feed in. I don’t want to feed in, even if it the vitamins and calories god is serving me, I DON’T WANT IT.

I am occupied, but what is this bone tiring job that I do and come home to lay hollow.

I feel it is like a musical chair, you are supposed to run and run and still find a chair, and still you run. I think I kept running and without  deciding on any chair and then I kept running because it is only thing I know and now I am tired and still the game is not over. No I am not mourning for any chair.


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