The post could have better  titled Things I learn today/ or things I like learning today:

What we see, what we hear or feel is all our imagination. the image of man in front of me is my perception in my head, the voice  I am hearing is also my perceiving of how it sound in my ear. It necessarily doesnt mean what I have percepted is the real. In fact all of what we see, hear, feel is only the senses happening inside of us, created within us. We see the world with our eyes, all the colors, the lights, its all how our eyes is seeing,  but in fact, our brains never even expereince any sorts of light or colors. These lights never even lighten our mind, yet we expereinces a world just based on senses, but again no way it means this is the ultimate reality. Nothing happens outside us, every feeling happen inside us, it has nothing to do with what is ahead.

In that way, we only live within us, in our tiny head, but in great lake of Consciousness.

This perception of consciousness can be false, since it is entirely personal. How a bird expereinces this world is diferent than how we do, how a fish percept is entirely different  from what a frog expereinces.  So, this senses and expereinces of  perceivinjg the world is entirely inside our mind, what arises within us; the joy or agnoy, esctasy, pleasure everything are not out there in the world, its within us, interstingly originated from what we have build inside us, the world of our perception. Nothing lies outside us.

If every expereinces generate from within, then at least we can make it happen my way, you can by your way. We can’t make what happen in our little head to be what happens in everyone else head.the world will be one head then, No we dont want such world do we!


Extracted from Sadhguru Know yourself edition.