About Me

Like you , I am a next soul,
together we are plus to the billion soul here,
Sometimes a sea sometimes a river
A pride I hold of being a giver,
I am a woman,
Daughter to the angel who flew to heaven.
I believe star is a living being.
I have never been to sea,
I like to think, I belong underneath it.
I find myself beneath thousand thoughts,
I didn’t learn enough word to say.
I am ruled by rules,
I am messed up more than my room.
I travel world in imagination,
I love my window corner.
I am lively soul among friends,
I pretend, I don’t know myself then.
When lonely on the road, I walk and talk,
With my twin inside, Me is my best friend.
I don’t savor sweet, I detest sour.
I can’t decide between tea and coffee.
I am phobic, I am scared of height,
I want space, I hate distance.
Darkness depress me,
Dawn drop to ignite hope then,
I am a sensitive heart.
Can’t resist evening breeze,
Nostalgia is best described then.
They say I am rude,
I need more than guts to Yell.
I like writing, I love reading,
I hate, I am lazy to start both, anything.
I am not jovial, Not grumpy too.
I am a sagittarian, I am optimistic,
None of the other traits match.
I go sarcastic when angry,
I cant hold grudge for long.
Forgiveness and faith,
are best word I have learn.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. simphonyblue
    Apr 09, 2012 @ 21:25:14

    Hey! Thank You very much for the follow,I truly appreciate it.
    My best wishes to you!


    • kc
      Apr 10, 2012 @ 04:40:07

      Thanks to you too..Happiness always..:)


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