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where I find in disguise and in nude

Where I am sagging skin in slouching thoughts,

And tender tickle in ecstasy

I am inched high in vicious intention,

And bowing eternal in gratitude,

I am blushing,

I am gazing,

Sometimes with lovers’ eye

Or many times a pity why,

Standing staring,

I try seeking the truth

of the figure in shape

But it just a silhouette,
I see,
that seems like

Someone I know,

Someone I used to know.



I do think both sides

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Does ever a lotus

mourn the

root it stands

or the filth

grace in gratify

for the transcendence





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I want to see

All that glee

So reflect me,

the best memories

of a becoming bee

That big tree


does it desire to uproot and whirl in the air,

feather light?

or content in being what it is in the river side.


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Limit  is

where only birds can  fly

Deep, dense is the sky.



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Mind, is present within.
yet in void
Heart is in different world, seeking the lost.
What will it bring back?
From where,
Where is comfort, beyond thoughts?
Self edited!!!
Expectation, is it hope?
Faith or hope, where do I walk?
What do I hold?
In pool of confusion, what to conclude?
Dilemma, are you still in there?





What If..

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.. I swagger in my stilettos,
and step in the premises
of your darken ego;
will it still remain the kingdom of yours’ manhood?

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